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Ford Parts

Code Description Price Buy
AB24187 Falcon XF 85-88 L Headlight
NZ$ 205.00
AB31749 Falcon XF 85-88 RF Guard Light
AB31753 Falcon XF 85-88 Transfer Case Module
AB29505 Falcon XG RF Door Man Mirror
AB30273 Festiva D23A Radiator
AB30256 Festiva D23A RF Bumper Retainer
AB31301 Festiva DA RF Seat Belt
NZ$ 82.61
AB32087 Festiva DB Alternator
AB33752 Festiva Other L Spotlight
AB30742 Festiva Other RF Window Regulator Cog
AB30328 Festiva Other R Headlight
AB33751 Festiva Other R Spotlight
AB26378 Festiva WF 01/1998 - 04/2001 LR Door Glass
AB30247 Festiva WQ Front Bumper Under Tray
AB30246 Festiva WQ Rear Spoiler
AB30245 Festiva WQ RF Guard/Fender
AB25666 Festiva WQ RR Seat Belt
AB30248 Festiva WQ R Spotlight Surround
AB31529 Festiva WQ Throttle Body
AB32349 Fiesta BE91 1996-2002 Engine Under Cover Bracket R
AB30251 Fiesta WP 02/2004 - 01/2006 Decal Stickers
AB30275 Fiesta WP 02/2004 - 01/2006 Intercooler
AB26367 Fiesta WP 02/2004 - 01/2006 LR Door Glass
AB34031 Fiesta WS 2009-on Automatic Shifter Cable
AB27203 Fiesta WS 2009-on LR Door Frame Tape Kit
AB31165 Fiesta WT 2010 - Air Cond Pump Assy
AB31164 Fiesta WT 2010 - Alternator
AB24848 Fiesta WT 2010 - Engine Assembly
AB22808 Fiesta WT 2010 - LR Door Weather Strip Mould
AB24847 Fiesta WT 2010 - Manual Gearbox
AB29950 Fiesta WT 2010 - RF Door Elec Mirror
AB26337 Fiesta WT 2010 - RF Door Glass
AB29907 Fiesta WT 2010 - RF Door Shell
AB29965 Fiesta WT 2010 - RF Guard/Fender
AB26398 Fiesta WT 2010 - RR Door Glass
AB29962 Fiesta WT 2010 - RR Door Shell
AB29951 Fiesta WT 2010 - Window Master Switch
AB27236 Focus 2000-2002 Alternator
AB23006 Focus 2000 - 2002 Instrument Cluster
AB28661 Focus 2000 - 2002 Inverter Coolant Reservoir Bottle
AB28791 Focus 2000-2002 LF Door Lock Mecha
AB27060 Focus 2000-2002 L Headlight
AB32366 Focus 2000-2002 LR Door Elec Regulator
AB30509 Focus 2000-2002 L Spotlight
AB26210 Focus 2000-2002 L Tail Light
AB31233 Focus 2000-2002 L Tail Light
AB26739 Focus 2000-2002 RF Door Exterior Handle
AB27061 Focus 2000-2002 R Headlight
AB32367 Focus 2000-2002 RR Door Control Module
AB31098 Focus 2000 - 2002 Starter Motor

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New account holders must be paid within 7 days. Account holders: Payment strictly 20th of month following invoice. Unpaid accounts will occur ALL collection costs.
For Payment By Direct Credit Our Bank Account is 12-3494-0081376-00
Wrongly supplied items: You must contact us upon receipt of the item to notify the part is incorrect. The item must be received back to us within 5 working days upon you receiving for a credit to be issued if we cannot supply the correct item.
Correctly supplied items: Items that are non-faulty and correctly supplied will incur a 20% restock fee at management's discretion with the following exceptions: All electrical goods unless faulty, ECUs, computers etc will NOT be credited. You must contact us within 24 hours upon receipt of the item to discuss a credit at management's discretion and the item must be received back to us within 5 business days.
Warranty:3 months parts warrantys only.